The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall is an art gallery and working studio in Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Idaho featuring pop, contemporary, modern, glass, sculptural, prints, water jetted works and more... The Fourth Wall officially opened its doors August of 2014 in Lewiston's historic Morgans Alley. The Fourth Wall now resides at 620 Main St.

Where the name came from

The fourth wall by definition is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional theatre setting. This wall is what the audience views the action in the world of the play through. Part of the reason we chose the name is because of our relationship with Abuzz Theatre in Clarkston Washington where we work closely by painting sets and supplying artwork to the theatre. We have also done multiple sets for The Lewiston Civic Theatre. We like to think of ourselves as breaking the fourth wall to "speak" to the world through our art.